Our Farm

Schneiderhof has been rebuilt, due to lack of space, at end of the 70s until the beginning of the 80s. Our house with both apartments has been finished in December 2013.

Our farm is situated 300 metres from the centre of the village, where you can find shops, restaurants, sauna, steam bath, confectionery, bus station, etc. Also the family friendly skiing area “Rangger Köpfl” is only one kilometre away.

The capital city of the Tyrol Innsbruck is only 12 kilometres from our farm away.

A playing ground and a lawn for sunbathing is situated at the garden where you can also find manual Go-Karts, a play tractor and lots of games for the garden. There is also a barbecue facility.

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  • Haus
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  • Spielplatz

Lots of animals are living at Schneiderhof:

•             18 brown swiss cows

•             1 lersey cow

•             20 brown swiss calves

•             2 rabbits - Susi and Strolchi

•             cats

•             3 ponies (Flora, Jimmy and Charly) and 1 Haflinger called Arizona

We are milking the cows two times a day and they get feed three times a day. Of course you can help us at the farm. Ours cows already have been at lots of cattle-shows and already won some prices.

The rabbits Susi and Strolchi are happy if you pet them.

You can find the cats most of the time in the stable or in front of the house.

Magdalena loves to help children with their first tries to ride a horse. We have one Haflinger horse called Arizona and three lovely ponies which are called Jimmy, Charly and Flora.

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